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Devotionals to work through scripture and to pray through tough questions


Activation Journals to help you apply the word of God in day to day life


20% of profits are invested to supply Bibles on college campuses and

in prisons

About Re(a)d Ministries

In a world of information overload, it is easy for opinions to be formed and impacted by others, Google, friends & family, good podcasts, even a great sermon. But your faith is yours; not what others told you. Being a Christian can be confusing and it can be hard. It's natural to seek for answers and understanding. Turn to God. Turn to the word of God and ask Him to form your beliefs and opinions.
Re(a)d resources aid you in doing just that.

Re(a)d Ministries develops resources to point you to the truths of the Bible and the words of Jesus. Re(a)d devotionals and activation journals provide space for you to wrestle with scripture and tough questions. The resources help you to figure things out with God. Wrestle with doubt and the unknown by taking them to Jesus and letting Him fill in the gaps...not the world.

Wrestle With Doubt. Sit In Tension. Let God Work.

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