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The WHY Behind Re(a)d

Re(a)d Ministries LLC develops resources to point you to the truths of the Bible and the words of Jesus. All Re(a)d devotionals and activation journals create space for you to wrestle with doubt, sit in tension, and let God go to work.

In a world with information at our fingertips it's easy to get information overload and to find our beliefs getting impacted and formed by others. Listening to podcasts, reading books, and hearing sermons are all great avenues for Christian teaching. But it shouldn't stop there. There needs to be another level of critical thinking and personal learning where you check it for yourself, and you take it to God to work with Him. Re(a)d stands in that gap and produces resources to support you in partnering with Him to learn His truths and interpret His words for yourself. 

Re(a)d's mission is to make the Bible:

Digestible: Devotions that breakdown scriptures and provide probing questions for you to take to God to understand scripture for your life and how he is speaking to you.

Applicable: Activation Journals that provide space for check-ins and working through how to apply what the Lord is teaching you.

Available: 20% of Re(a)d profits are invested in providing Bibles to those in impactful seasons of life: 10% to FCA College and 10% to Prison Ministry organizations.


Note from Re(a)d founder

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by to learn more about Re(a)d. At the heart of it, I want to see all people reach their God-given potential and go to new heights that surprises everyone except God. I believe to do that we have to be connected to the Creator and have an active and authentic relationship with Him where we bring our full and vulnerable selves and are open to how He is guiding us; what He's asking us to give up or work on, where to go, etc. It's too easy to get caught up in everyday life living by the status quo and taking in all of the information and opinions around us. We need to pause and be intentional about what we are consuming and check it in the spirit. I hope you find Re(a)d resources as a safe space to do just that. Re(a)d is not here to tell you what to believe about scripture or God. Instead, Re(a)d resources create a space for you to work through scripture with probing questions, prayers, and prompts for you to partner with God as you learn and interpret the scriptures for your own life. 

I pray that Re(a)d encourages you but mostly that it challenges you. Re(a)d is for everyone, all walks of life and all places in the faith journey. No matter where you are in life, the Creator wants to speak with you and show you all that He c
reated you to be. So, together, let's shut out the noise and lean in. Lean into the word of God. Lean into the truths of the Bible. Lean into the words of Jesus. Lean into what He's saying to you. Lean into the hard questions. Lean into the areas where you fall short. Lean into the areas where you don't have it all figured out. Let God meet you there. Let Him reveal himself to you in a new way. Let Him show you who He created you to be. Let Him show you the meaning of His word in your life. Don't let the world and others form your beliefs. Take it to God. Let the greatest teacher of all show you His way. 

With Love, Morgan (1).png

Wrestle With Doubt. Sit In Tension. Let God Work.

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