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Questions in Red

Study / Devotional Through Matthew


Respond to Jesus' Questions

Jesus disciples through asking questions. He wants to converse with us! This study breaks out each of Jesus' questions in the book of Matthew. There is then a section for you to journal and respond to the question.


Brief Thoughts

Each question is then followed by a few thoughts on the scripture. The thoughts provide some context on the verses and provide probing questions on how these verses and Jesus' question applies to your own life.



There is then room for you to journal through the additional questions. Jesus wants to partner with us in processing the truths of the Bible and His words. The study provides room for you to wrestle with the questions and scripture and take it to Jesus.



Each section is concluded with a prayer specific to the question that Jesus asked. Let the questions and the prayers in this workbook create space for you to have honest and authentic conversations with the Lord. 

Fruits of the Spirit Journal

"By their fruit you will recognize them." Matthew 7:16

Evaluate the fruits that you are producing in your life 


Weekly Check-Ins


Evaluate the Fruits That You Are Producing



Pray For the Spirit of the Fruits That Are Not Evident In Your Life


Process What Is Fostering Or Hindering The Growth Of The Fruits in Your Life


Blank Journal

Small enough to go with you everywhere and big enough to capture all of your thoughts. Great for a prayer journal, thoughts notebook, etc. the possibilities are endless.

Resources Gallery

Inside look at Re(a)d resources.

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